There is 42 days until Christmas. You need to have a plan in place.


With Christmas just around the corner, it is now time to get your arrangements in place, as too how separated families will spend time with the children.

Christmas is never an easy time, especially where separation has occurred, and no orders are in place.  It is important to remember that Christmas time is all about your children. Do not let your children feel caught in the middle of disputes between you and your former spouse.

For those families who do not have any arrangement in place now is the time to try and negotiate.  Put down buying the Christmas presents and glazing the ham to reach an amicable plan as to how and when the children will spend time with each parent.

Over the years, we have seen many situations where one parent unilaterally decides to change the arrangement for the children without consultation of the other parent. This includes threatening not to allow the other party to spend time with the children or not complying with an agreement reached. It is unfortunately the case, when a solicitor receives a telephone call, days before Christmas, there are very limited things which can be done.

You need to consider what is important when negotiating Christmas arrangements.  It is important to also consider: –

  1. Where each parent intends on spending Christmas and what the travel time between each household will be;
  2. What are the children’s ages and views;
  3. What are the family Christmas traditions – is it Christmas Eve with the extended family for dinner, Christmas lunch with grandparents and calving up the am or is it playing cricket on the beach on boxing day;

After you have considered what is important to you, we can discuss a tailored plan, to suit your matter to meet what is important to you. An example of children spending time with parents over Christmas include: –

  1. The children spending time with one parent from 12:00 midday on Christmas Eve to 12:00 midday Christmas Day;
  2. The children spending time with the other parent from 12:00 pm midday on Christmas Day until 12:00 midday on 26 December;
  3. Time then reverts to the usual agreement.
  4. The following year the arrangement can then swap.

If you need to discuss or put an arrangement in place for Christmas, it is now the time to contact us, and arrange an appointment to get an agreement in place.  Contact the Chomley team now 07 5438 8222.