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Conscious co-parenting during COVID-19.

We are sure that everyone would agree that the Sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s pockets of paradise. Under usual circumstances changeovers and play dates would be easy to arrange such as play dates at the Noosaville Pirate Park. With increasing restrictions however from the Australian Government, the focus turns to sensible and practicable ways to co-parent during difficult times. Conscious co-parenting can be done successfully without adding strain or pressure on either parent.

The Family Law Act 1975 is the leading legislation in Australia for parenting matters. It is centred around what is in the best interest of a child. A primary consideration is for children to have the benefit of a meaningful relationship with each parent and to be protected from harm.

Current arrangements, whether a parenting plan or consent orders, need to be reviewed to ensure that the arrangements still provide time being facilitated between carers and children amongst the various restrictions being imposed.

This blog provides some helpful tips for conscious co-parenting during COVID-19.

The first step is to review your current arrangements and ensure they are future proof. Chomley Family Law offer a free 15-minute consult through telephone or zoom to help you with that review process. Thanks to technology we are able to assist families all across Australia even with the boarders being closed!

The next step is communicating to help find a practicable solution. Communication apps have become an essential tool to successful co-parenting and our solicitors can tell you all about their benefits and help select a tool that best suits you.

Having questions focused around the children will help focus the conversation on what matters most.

Our solicitors are available to assist in facilitating conversations if it is not safe or practicable for you to contact the other parent.

We cannot underestimate the bond children share with their grandparents and need to consider the risks of infection to vulnerable members of the child’s family and household.

Setting up Zoom accounts is a great way for grandparents to stay in touch with the children. Alternatively www.grandmashouseonline.com provides a little entertainment to help keep kids busy – giving parents a well-deserved break.

Routine is more important than ever. Children who have a routine set up to help guide them through the day will appreciate the familiarity during uncertain times. The Family Law Act 1975 provides that the day to day care is the responsibility of the parent with whom the child is with at the time. During the current climate parents may find themselves spending more time with their children and adapting to new schedules. Chomley Family Law specialises in parenting matters and our team is ready to help you navigate setting up new routines and effectively communicating these routines with the other parent.

If you do not have arrangements in place or wish to review an arrangement don’t hesitate to act!

Pop on an exercise video for your kids or log onto Sealife Sunshine Coast’s website for virtual tours of the animals to keep the kids busy while you connect with one of our lawyers for your free 15 minute consult to help implement some certainty during difficult times.

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